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  • ChatGPT Fun

    ChatGPT Fun

    I went to today’s State of the Word presentation in person (woohoo, so nice to attend in-person events once again!) and one question was about the dreaded “build-to-launch gap” where you build a website for a client and then it takes them months to post anything into the beautiful container you built for them. There […]

  • Fun with GPT-3

    Fun with GPT-3

    My conversation with an algorithm.

  • Algorithms don’t get humor

    Algorithms don’t get humor

    April Fool’s Day is always a busy day at SmartNews as our news discovery algorithm get overly excited with all the cool, interesting and unique news released that day. Here’s a running log of what we’ve had to gently remind the algorithm is actually just a joke. Eurovision SHOCK as Britain will LEAVE song contest […]

  • If HAL-9000 was Alexa

  • AlphaZero Masters Chess in Just 24 Hours

    AlphaZero Masters Chess in Just 24 Hours

    DeepMind, the same outfit that built AlphaGo, the AI platform that learned Go through supervised study of the game and went on to famously beat the top ranked player Lee Sedol has built an algorithm that now plays chess. What is even more incredible about this new “AlphaZero” AI is that it learned how to […]

  • Reuters Tracer combs Twitter for news

    Reuters, the news agency that first scooped its rivals with the use of carrier pigeons, is seeing good results from an algorithm to sift through Twitter (over 12 million tweets/day,  2% of total volume) to search for signal in the noise. Reuters Tracer is the system summarized in MIT’s Technology Review, How Reuters’s Revolutionary AI […]

  • Facebook F8 2016

    Facebook F8 2016

    Many years ago when broadband internet was still emerging, I spent an afternoon with a colleague in the company cafeteria trying to imagine a world with unlimited bandwidth and storage. We imagined that distances would collapse when the location of data would no longer matter. Music and video would be instantly available and you could call […]

  • Teach a Robot to See

    Following up on yesterday’s post about teaching artificial intelligence manners and ethics, this morning I listened to the latest episode of The Truth which features a dramatization of a blind man using a new kind of AI that helps him “see” – I won’t spoil the twist for you but it’s well worth the 10-minute […]

  • How to train a robot to be nice

    How to train a robot to be nice

    In response to fears that robots will take over and exterminate the human race, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology are studying ways to teach robots human ethical values. In the absence of an aligned reward signal, a reinforcement learning agent can perform actions that appear psychotic. For example, consider a robot that is instructed to […]