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  • Bloglines beta – so nice to see ya.

    The Time & Newsweek of the Web 2.0 blogosphere both mention the re-launch of Bloglines. It’s great to see another reader on the market just for variety’s sake. I moved to Google Reader a while ago as my main reader mostly because of it’s mobile interface which looks great on the Blackberry. I had left […]

  • Diller to buy Jeeves says New York Times

    Barry Diller’s InterActive Corp is set to buy Ask Jeeves, the 4th largest search engine company (5th according to the WSJ lead) for $1.9 billion (Reuters confirms it’s $1.85 billion) in stock writes the New York Times. Ask purchased Bloglines, the web-based RSS aggregator, last month. 70% of Ask’s revenues come from advertising served by […]

  • Ask Jeeves launches blog on TypePad

    Ask Jeeves moved to a shiny new office tower in Oakland and launched a shiny new blog to boot! UPDATE: and buys online RSS reader, Bloglines.

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