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  • Autonomous Driving Update

    Back in April there was a run of stories about autonomous vehicles. Singapore was rolling out driverless taxis (one has since been involved in a minor fender-bender). Roborace, the first driverless race car event was announced (the kinks are still being worked out and Audi just reported that they dropped out of Le Mans to focus on […]

  • Trikala’s Magic Bus

    Trikala’s Magic Bus

    While driverless trucks, taxis, and race cars have been all the rage this past week, little ol’ Greece has been quietly running a trial for the past six months of their driverless bus system. The town of Trikala, Greece has been running the trial since November of last year and it seems to be serving […]

  • Roboracers and Race Conditions

    Roboracers and Race Conditions

    Driverless truck convoys, driverless taxi fleets, it’s only natural that we take the driver out of the racecar as well. Sometime in the next year or two the Formula E electric car racing series plans to have its first driverless Roborace. Not only will speeds top 300mph, because there is no driver, it frees up lots […]

  • Driving Thy Self

    Driving Thy Self

    News about autonomous vehicles is coming thick and fast. Yesterday we learned about truck platoons that can drive themselves across Europe and today I bring you a fleet of self-driving taxis is launching in Singapore from a company called nuTonomy. According to a post from MIT (where nuTonomy started out three years ago) the company passed […]

  • Autonomous Truck Platoons

    Autonomous Truck Platoons

    Self-driving trucks took another step towards commercial reality as five different teams sent convoys of autonomously driven truck “convoys” from all over Europe to Rotterdam as part of the Truck Platoon Challenge. Challengers such as Mercedes and Volvo sent their trucks from as far away as Germany and Sweden proving that these self-driven truck trains […]

  • Driverless Vehicles – Two Kinds

    Google released an amazing video showing one of their driverless car taking a blind man out to get tacos and pick up his dry cleaning. This is good. In a tweet the other night, Twitter CEO Dick Costolo pointed to a swarm of programmable Nano Quadrotors and mused, “It’s with confidence and dread that I’m […]

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