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  • Same as it, everwas

    David Byrne was on SNL last night, performing this blog’s namesake.

  • How I Started Blogging

    Dave Winer posted a call for co-remembrances of the BloggerCon conferences he held in 2003/2004 which got me thinking about how I started this blog and kicked off a series of events that brought me to California to work at a blogging company and catch a wave that I’ve been on ever since. I attended […]

  • Blog Business Summit – Day Two

    One thing I learned from looking at my Day One post on the various aggregation engines and trackback excerpts is to never lead with an image again. You get his horrible “<img src . . . ” as your lead in which doesn’t exactly draw readers to the rest of your post. Day Two was […]

  • James Lileks on Old Media

    The Daily Peg pulls together some choice zingers from Star Tribune columnist and prolific blogger and ephemera archivist, James Lileks, on the impending implosion of the old media. Blogs haven’t toppled old media. The foundations of Old Media were rotten already. The new media came along at the right time. Put it this way: you’ve […]