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  • Dean Elmore

    Boston University’s Dean Elmore has the unenviable task of leading BU’s student population safely thru the pandemic. He is normally jolly and approachable and, when you meet him, his love of BU is plainly infectious. Here he is taking the plunge into the Charles River after challenging at least 2,011 seniors (more than half the […]

  • Don’t be UNC

    This year, more than ever, college students returning to campus will be tested. Not only tested for COVID-19 but also tested for their maturity to follow the health guidelines put in place to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to other students, their professors, university staff, and the community that hosts them. UNC-Chapel Hill was […]

  • Racism and Forgetting

    Boston University recently held an all day symposium for its students to discuss the events surrounding the killing of George Floyd and connecting the current civic unrest to the long history of institutionalized racism in the United States. Most of the sessions were closed to only BU students but, thankfully, the opening discussion was uploaded […]

  • Remote Teaching

    What is it like to teach to an empty room?

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