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  • Ketchum on Blogs

    Nicholas Scibetta and Adam Brown at Ketchum discuss how the art of Public Relations can benefit from blogs in this interview style post on the Ketchum website. Their observations show that they understand the power of blogs to initiate a dialog and their insight into the future points to a rich set of opportunities for […]

  • ThinkEquity, Equity Research Demystified

    ThinkEquity Partners, a San Francisco based boutique investment firm, launched a blog for its equity research analysts. From their press release: "ThinkBlog is leading the revolution in our industry," said Mr. Moe. "With the NYSE making a play to extend trading hours to foster European investments, real-time insightful intelligence on the ever-changing landscape of the […]

  • TheNewPR/Wiki

    A great resource for information about corporate blogging and how it relates to traditional marketing. TheNewPR/Wiki is a goldmine of user-submitted links and further resources. Some pages I like are: CEO Blogs list Corporate Blogs listProduct Blogs listBusiness Blogging Resources If I ever end up on a desert island (so long as it has WiFi) […]

  • Ask Jeeves launches blog on TypePad

    Ask Jeeves moved to a shiny new office tower in Oakland and launched a shiny new blog to boot! UPDATE: and buys online RSS reader, Bloglines.

  • Rubel on Business Blogs

    Steve Rubel writes about The Rise of Business Blogs and covers the growth within Microsoft in some detail. Unfortunately, there are no hard facts on the ROI which is something the industry lacks in order to move most corporate blogging projects forward. One call for data was put out and I’m sure we’ll see more […]

  • Jupiter Blogs & ROI

    Closest thing I’ve see so far to a statement on the ROI of a corporate blog can be found on Alan Meckler’s JupiterResearch blog.

  • Scoble’s Business Blog Book

    Microsoft Blogger, Robert Scoble, and seasoned PR pro, Shel Israel, are working on a new book about business blogging, The Red Couch. From their proposal to the publisher: The Red Couch explains the why and how of blogging to business people. Using recent case studies throughout its 250-300 pages, it will demystify this disruptive technology […]

  • Blogs for the Enterprise

    I’m starting a new category today to bring together news about the inevitable march of blogs into the corporate space. InfoWorld talks with Google about it’s internal use of Blogger and the benefits they’ve seen from it: "Since then, we have seen a lot of different uses of blogs within the firewall: people keeping track […]