Word Meme

Every now and then, a new word makes its way through our office as if everyone is reading and talking to the same people. They look up the word, think it’s useful, then incorporate the word into their daily conversation. I too will succumb with orthogonal.

The very first Mommy

A tough questions from the weekend from our little inquisiter, Tyler: Who was the first mommy? With all the debate around intelligent design it wouldn’t be fair to just point to a picture of a monkey and leave it at that. I need to think about this, gather all sides of the debate and present […]

She Passed!

Izumi’s had a bit of a struggle with getting her California Driver’s License and I don’t blame her. In order to transfer her license from New Jersey, she needed to pass a written test which is hard enough in English. While multiple choice, many of the possible answers are written in a twisted grammatical form […]