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  • Tesla drives coast-to-coast

    Tesla drives coast-to-coast

    Elon Musk announced last night that by the end of this year you will be able to drive a Tesla across the United States for free stopping every 200 miles for a 20 minute charge. More details on the Tesla Supercharger page.

  • Simple Solution – Nokia Bike Charger

    Sometimes it’s the simple things. Why not a dual purpose phone charger, phone mount for your bicycle? Stay above 7.5 mph and you’ll charge your phone at the same rate as if you plugged it into the wall and you’ll be able to enjoy free turn-by-turn navigation. Launching first in Kenya where it’s really needed […]

  • Onkalo, long term planning

    Onkalo, long term planning

    How would you like to be the Project Manager on a construction project that is due to run through 2100? That’s what they’re doing 300 kms Northwest of Helsinki at Onkalo, a long term storage facility for highly radioactive nuclear waste. It’s a timely topic of discussion. While the uncontrollable spewage from the bottom of […]

  • Unfortunate Truth

    With reports of large plumes of underwater oil making their way to the¬†Louisiana¬†coast, it now appears that the Gulf Oil spill will be much worse than imagined. The image above is from the wonderful site, Fake Science. For more on someone who’s doing something about the cleanup, listen to my friend Alex Wise interviewing Lisa […]

  • WaveRoller, a childhood dream realized

    I used to read Popular Mechanics magazine back in elementary school and would read about all the cool inventions (Robotic Surgeons! DIY Jet-powered Go Kart!) and it got me in trouble more than a few times because what I learned there was not part of the 3rd grade curriculum. I still remember a test where […]

  • Blackout

    They’re calling it the largest blackout the Northeast has ever seen. The Blackout captures the event from the perspective of moblogs all across NYC where thousands were stranded without a way to get home. Safe in the Factiva offices, all we noticed was a brief flickering of the lights and a sev alert email calmly […]

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