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  • 2020 was an a/b test

    2020 was an a/b test

    One of the more chilling tracks from this year’s SXSW were the sessions about misinformation, specifically political misinformation that derailed our elections. During the first day, I attended a session titled Fact v. Fiction: Fighting Election Disinformation a panel featuring, among others, Chris Krebs, noted cybersecurity expert, and Jena Griswold, former Secretary of State for […]

  • Is Meta just Second Life 2.0?

    Is Meta just Second Life 2.0?

    The video above circulated in 2005 when Second Life was the new hotness. As a pioneer in virtual worlds, they attracted buzz from futurists that saw the platform as the next generation of the internet. Companies flocked to the platform, eager to engage with their audience. Reuters opened a bureau and someone made a documentary. […]

  • XOXO 2019

    XOXO 2019

    XOXO is an experimental festival for independent artists who live and work online . . and a place to renew your faith in the goodness of the human soul.

  • XOXO 2018

    Recollections from a conference in Portland.

  • Shift Media 2014

    Shift Media 2014

    Quick notes from yesterday’s Bold Italic Shift Digital Media Conference which was held at The Chapel in the Mission district of San Francisco yesterday. The venue and format were perfect. $85 for a half day session of talks in an intimate nightclub off of Valencia Street. Tickets were sold out and the attendees came from […]

  • True University

    Running a start-up can be a lonely. What is glamorized in media are the high points, revenue and usage going up and to the right, the launch party, the high-fives when you close a big deal, the opening of your first office. The reality is more gut wrenching. The late night realization that you may not make […]

  • ProductSF 2014

    ProductSF 2014

    Last week I attended the 2014 edition of Building Better Products, an invitation only conference hosted by Ty Ahmad-Taylor of Samsung Electronics and Josh Elman of Greylock Partners. As with last year’s conference, it was an agenda packed with interesting speakers that came to share their perspective on the role of a Product Manager at […]

  • Failcon SF 2012 – Notes

    Failcon SF 2012 – Notes

    I dropped by Failcon today which is FailCon is advertised as a “one-day conference for technology entrepreneurs, investors, developers and designers to study their own and others’ failures and prepare for success.” It was the kind of conference that I normally would really enjoy. A small enough crowd that you’re not overwhelmed and a venue […]

  • Oulu Open Hack

    Oulu Open Hack

    I spent a couple days last week in Oulu (a city in Northern Finland) helping out on a hackfest. For more on the what, who and why, check out my previous post (Why we Hack). This post is to thank the sponsors and share how it went. What always amazes me with these type of […]

  • Why We Hack

    Why We Hack

    Reposted (with modifications) from ouluopenhack where I’ll be tomorrow. It all starts with an itch. Something that bugs you. It’s some kind of “pattern” that you identify. A manual task that you find yourself doing over and over again that you want to automate. Why is the color  printer always default to printing in black […]