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  • Lego Spiderman

    Last weekend Dav mentioned that he was so impressed with the quality of the animation these days that he thinks we’ll see animation films will represent a greater percentage of movies released each year. Once you have the models done, much of your upfront costs go down. No actor’s strikes to deal with either. In […]

  • Sharkbait

    Just got back from a night out with some friends that took us to a pig roast in Bucks County, PA. The event was the first in a series of Summer parties put together by the “Guerrilla Grill” group and this one was to promote Dish Catering. Along with fine food was a setup of […]

  • Strawberries!

    The weekly harvests have begun at our local organic farm, the Watershed, where we split a family share that allows us to share in the food that they grow there. Most of the crops are harvested for you and all we need to do is drive down the road to fill up a couple of […]

  • This dude has way too much time on his hands

    This dude has way too much time on his hands but hey, I love all that conspiracy stuff, a good late night browse Paul Really Is Dead: Undeniable Proof That Paul McCartney Was Replaced With A Lookalike.. This one’s up there but no where near as good at the Pink Floyd Synchonizations.