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  • The Flying Car

    The Flying Car

    The AirCar is the flying car of our childhood dreams. Today a prototype completed an inaugural, 35-minute intercity flight from Nitra to Bratislava in western Slovakia. Although this is a maiden voyage, the company has a lot of experience. The company has been working on its hybrid aircraft for more than 30 years. With 142 successful […]

  • Chuck Yeager

    “On December 10, 1963, while testing an NF-104A rocket-augmented aerospace trainer, he narrowly escaped death when his aircraft went out of control at 108,700 feet (nearly 21 miles up) and crashed. He parachuted to safety at 8,500 feet after vainly battling to gain control of the powerless, rapidly falling craft. In this incident he became […]

  • Flying


    Michael Karp, our new friend in Alameda, took Tyler and I up for a spin around the Bay with his son. Tyler was glued to the window as we took off and circled over the Golden Gate but then fell asleep for the landing. Just another flight for him I suppose but for me it […]

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