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  • FourSquare Visualize Me

    Kristian Luoma from Finland pinged me yesterday, curious why I still used Foursquare. When I lived in Finland, we were one of the first people on the ground to use the app and we used to compete on who would retain the mayorship of Helsinki’s Vantaa Airport. I no longer really care about being the…

  • Visualizations – Foursquare and Twitter

    Visualizations – Foursquare and Twitter

    Foursquare and Twitter both released experiments that let you look at a visualization of your activity on that service over time. One is art that happens to convey information and tell a story of your travels thru time and space. The other is a functional dashboard that is designed to give you and idea of…

  • Foursquare 2010 Infographic

    Foursquare has published a beautiful infographic highlighting tidbits gleened from the collective check-in activity of their global audience of over 5 million.

  • Fun with Foursquare

    The visualization below was built in 48 hours using the FourSquare API. Ian Kennedy’s Foursquare by WeePlaces.com. A video of the global view, posted it on Vimeo, and posted it below.