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  • Raindrops and Private Clouds

    Before Christmas I posted about the possible break-up of clouds.  For the past 5 years or so, the usual suspects such as Yahoo, and Google, and more recently Facebook and a re-vitalized AOL have been sucking up smaller collectives of socially active sites in search of rich pockets of user engagement. Clouds are an apt metaphor because […]

  • Cloud Burst

    Warranted or not, the great delicious.com shutdown scare of December 2010 teaches us all an important lesson about the sustainability of cloud services. If you’re not paying for a product, you are the product. This quote paraphrased from blue_beetle on metafilter is very apt. Companies that offer free services to their users do so in […]

  • Social Media Isotope

    I moved my blog from a dedicated host over to Laughing Squid’s cloud service (thanks Frank and Zahaib for your help!). Some hiccups with the images coming over on the wrong directory but some delicate SQL surgery fixed that. Think of this post as a sort of Social Media isotope to make sure that what […]

  • A Good Host is Worth It

    A couple of days ago I had one of those “uh-oh” moments when you’re not quite paying attention and do something you really shouldn’t have but don’t realize it until it’s already done. This was a doozy. My web hosting provider, Laughing Squid Web Hosting, jumped in and saved me. It’s times like these when you […]

  • Nordics Bathed in Broadband

    More pretty infographics via Focus.com’s 2009 State of the Internet report. What is it about the internets up here in the Nordics. Norway, Sweden, Finland are the top three for internet penetration (I believe that’s number of households). In terms of speed Finland is quite a bit shy of Japan and Korea but still pulls […]

  • 2MHost.com is now a Movable Type Hosting Partner

    I’m pleased to announce another Movable Type Hosting Partner. 2MHost offers an Movable Type integrated into an MT-Ready hosting package. A full list of all Movable Type Hosting Partners can be found on the Six Apart website.

  • Livingdot covered in the New York Times

    The folks at LivingDot let me know that they were covered in yesterday’s New York Times. LivingDot has also done some cool stuff on their landing page to help folks understand how to use Movable Type with some video-based tutorials such as how to configure your site and also added a couple of sample templates […]

  • That’s one way to get your company’s name out there. . .

    The advertising world is buzzing with godaddy.com’s debut on the television advertising scene with their parody of the Janet Jackson wardrobe mishap from last year. Forrester’s Advertising analyst Jim Nail gives it the “Load the Cannon with Gerbils” award: This ad confirms it: the dotcom bubble is back. An unknown internet company selling a service […]

  • Movable Type Hosting Partner page

    For those of you who subscribe to this site via RSS (and for the benefit of the crawlers of the world), just letting you know that we now have a page where you can view the approved Movable Type Hosting Partners, find out more information about each one, and, if you’re a hosting company, apply […]

  • Livingdot.com

    I’m happy to announce our second Movable Type Hosting Partner, livingdot.com.

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