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  • IKEA’s augmented reality app

    IKEA’s augmented reality app

    It’s no coincidence that the Swedish home furnishing superstore IKEA timed the announcement of their AR app IKEA Place to drop shortly after Apple’s much anticipated announcement of their AR-optimized phones the iPhone 8 & iPhone X. First announced back in June, the final release of IKEA Place will take advantage of Apple’s ARKit to […]

  • Infographics we love

    We’ve all seen pretty pictures that tell a story about something we didn’t know. Truth Facts is a site that takes something we all know to be true and puts it into pictures. Here are some of my favorites:

  • IKEA Heights

    IKEA Heights is a mini-series shot entirely in the Burbank IKEA store without the store’s knowledge. I think we’re seeing the birth of a new genre. Flash Concerts and Urban Camouflage performance art to name a few. The Finns pronounce it ee-ki-ya by the way. Update: More recent entries in this genre include The Ikea […]

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