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  • Wolfram | Alpha Personal Analytics. Quantified-self on demand

    Wolfram | Alpha Personal Analytics. Quantified-self on demand

    Wolfram | Alpha posted about a self-analysis tool, the Personal Analytics for Facebook. All you need to do is go to their site and register with Wolfram | Alpha and connect it to your Facebook ID (giving them permission to read your friend lists) and then they’ll run all sorts of analytics on your social […]

  • Location Traces as Art

    Location Traces as Art

    Determined to teach others how much data telecom providers not only harness but retain, German Green Party politician, Malte Spitz, sued his cell phone service provider, Deutsche Telecom, for his location data. What he received was raw data of his location, signal strength, and when he was on the phone.  Working with the German newspaper Zeit, he then […]

  • Japanese Train Infographics

    Japanese trains are the paragon of efficiency. During peak rush hour, 11-car commuter trains rumble in and out of stations at 90-second intervals. There is no room for error. Everyone needs to know where to go. So, when the trains were fitted with interactive displays, on the inside, over each doorway, information designers set to […]

  • Dopplr 2008

      I didn’t travel much in 2008 but Dopplr’s year-end summary sure makes it look pretty.

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