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  • Finding Balance

    Jeff Sessions visited Northwestern University to give a talk. There were protests. In one, students forced their way into the room and broke some things. Northwestern Daily, the school paper, reported on the event and interviewed some of the protestors and the reporters shared some of their photos. Some people got mad. Said their privacy […]

  • Jordan Peele warns of Fake News

    Don’t believe everything you see online. Good on Jordan Peele for making this PSA which uses some readily available software literally put words in Obama’s mouth. You can read more about it on Buzzfeed. We’re about to enter into an intense period of “he said/she said” with the Cohen trial and Comey’s book tour that […]

  • Carl Bernstein at ONA 17

    Carl Bernstein at ONA 17

    Recently, SmartNews (my employer) hosted Carl Bernstein, the distinguished, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist, at the Watergate Hotel during the annual Online News Association conference in Washington, DC. Under a full moon on a warm DC evening, Mr. Bernstein inspired us all to strive harder to make use of the powerful “reportorial platform” the digital era provides […]

  • Ben Huh on Journalism

    Ben Huh on Journalism

    This interview with Ben Huh, the founder of the site that made cat memes famous, is over five years old but relevant today. People crave a viewpoint and personality. News organizations that sterilize their presentation of facts lack the color necessary to get attention in an ever more crowded market. Is it possible to communicate […]

  • Brian Williams – the pressures to promote

    Brian Williams – the pressures to promote

    Two perspectives of the modern war correspondent in this age of the personal brand and selfie sticks. We want our anchors to be both good at reading the news and also pretending to be in the middle of it. That’s why, when the forces of man or Mother Nature whip up chaos, both broadcast and […]

  • Serendipity in the Strangest of Places

    Serendipity in the Strangest of Places

    It’s gone now but someone that I follow on twitter pointed out that it’s been six years since Adrian Holovaty posted, A fundamental way newspaper sites need to change In this post, Holovaty, the man behind the micro-news site everyblock.com, and, as far as I’m concerned, the original data-journalist, speaks to the new landscape in which newspapers sit […]

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