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  • Lighthouse Found

    Lighthouse Found

    There is a tradition of public mischief and random acts of art in the Bay Area. From The Cacophony Society, to The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, the Billboard Liberation Front all the way back to Coyle & Sharpe, the people of San Francisco have delighted themselves by poking at authority with a wink and a smile. […]

  • The Lighthouse Found Me

    The Lighthouse Found Me

    After delivering a print out of my previous post summarizing all my notes and theories (thank you everyone who chipped in their ideas) I found this on my front door step. Written on the side was the phrase et respondendum est quod which translates to, “and the answer is that” I still haven’t quite figured […]

  • Flummoxed by Alameda Lighthouse Mystery

    Flummoxed by Alameda Lighthouse Mystery

    About a month back I read with interest a strange article in our local paper. The byline was from a Hon. Admiral Banyan Azimuth, Retired and it described a mysterious society, acronyms, a puzzle, and hidden treasure. All good material for a quest. The Alameda Lighthouse Appreciation Society (ALAS) has collaborated with the North American […]

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