Tag: Machine Learning

  • Spotify’s Mixtape Algorithm

    Spotify’s Mixtape Algorithm

    With the launch of Apple Music’s “For You” feature, Spotify hand has been forced to unveil it’s own personalization engine in response. Discover Weekly was launched today via a series of well-timed pieces published today across the tech press. The PR push is on to explain to everyone currently evaluating Apple Music on a 3-month trial. Spotify […]

  • The importance of context

    Surprisingly, the YouTube recommendation algorithm doesn’t draw inputs from far beyond the confines of YouTube itself. You might think that mining our Google search histories for clues about what videos we’d like would pay off. Nope, Goodrow says. “The challenge is that web search history is very very broad.” Just because you Googled for help […]

  • Popping filter bubbles at SmartNews

    Popping filter bubbles at SmartNews

    It’s now just over a month since I joined SmartNews and I am digging into what’s under the hood and the mad science that drives the deceptively simple interface of the SmartNews product. On the surface, SmartNews is a news aggregator. Our server pulls in urls from a variety of feeds and custom crawls but the […]