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  • Wet Leg

    Wet Leg

    Nothing to report, just a musical interlude for your enjoyment. Chaise Longue blew up when it was first posted on YouTube. After a Grammy nomination for Best New Artist (they lost to Samara Joy who we saw recently at the Blue Note). “I was staying over at Hester’s house when we wrote it, and when I…

  • David Crosby

    David Crosby

    I turn to Crosby’s music when I am feeling melancholy. His sweet voice is like an old friend who had been there, understands, and tells you how events fit into the broader universe. His perspective came from a kind soul who was perhaps too trusting and suffered for it. “Honest to the point of recklessness”…

  • Biko’s Manna

    Biko and Manna Nhlangothi are a sister and brother duo raised by musician parents that perform as Biko Manna. They’ve been dazzling crowds with their street performances in their home county of South Africa for several years but have recently hit it big by covering Japanese pop songs on YouTube. Apparently the story is the…

  • Deadicated


    Getting into the weeds on Bobby Weir

  • Little Big

    Little Big

    Anybody who thinks that the Russians have no sense of humor has not seen Little Big, Russia’s entry in this year’s Eurovision contest. With over 125M views, Little Big’s Uno video is the most watched video on the Eurovision channel. The annual contest was unfortunately cancelled this year due to the pandemic but there’s plenty…

  • For Deadheads Only

    For Deadheads Only

    When Deadheads try to explain their appreciation for the Grateful Dead, they will probably point you to a concert at Cornell University in 1977, in particular the sequence from Scarlet Begonias to Fire on the Mountain. YouTuber Michael Palmisano has built up his channel, Guitar Teacher REACTS around the deconstruction of live music jams. To…

  • Can’t keep us down

    The human spirit is irrepressibly creative. Three mates stuck in their apartment Barcelona hit a chord with their bit, Stay Homas and have now become an internet sensation with their own YouTube channel and a profile in the New Yorker.

  • Group Play

    Group Play

    Stuck at home, the world’s symphonies are using technology to play, together. I learned later that each of the Rotterdam musicians did their bit without practice.

  • Tokyo Train Station Melodies

    Oh, and if you want to hear samples, I linked to a site that exhaustively recorded and cataloged all the jingles back in 2004.