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  • Context

    An on-going collection of layout blunders. If you have some to add, link them in the comments.

  • Back when News was Physical

    Back when News was Physical

    etaoin shrdlu are the first line of letters on a linotype keyboard, arranged based on frequency. The phrase is used to mark the end of a column. It is also the title of a short documentary about the last run of the linotype machines at the New York Times on July 2, 1978. There are all […]

  • circa 2012

    circa 2012

    “I believe in the human element of news,” says Matt Galligan, the co-founder of circa, the hot news curation app released for the iPhone a few weeks ago. Matt was speaking about circa with Founding Editor Dave Cohn, at a Hacks/Hackers meetup in San Francisco, where circa is based. The service is quite extraordinary in how hand-crafted […]

  • Serendipity in the Strangest of Places

    Serendipity in the Strangest of Places

    It’s gone now but someone that I follow on twitter pointed out that it’s been six years since Adrian Holovaty posted, A fundamental way newspaper sites need to change In this post, Holovaty, the man behind the micro-news site everyblock.com, and, as far as I’m concerned, the original data-journalist, speaks to the new landscape in which newspapers sit […]

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