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  • Nike Japan

    Nike Japan

    Nike’s latest campaign starts a conversation about racism in Japan

  • Nike – Can’t Stop Us

    My kids are sick of me showing them Nike’s latest commercial which was just released this morning and already has almost 5 million views on YouTube and over 50k retweets on Twitter. It’s just so good. Not only does Nike tap into the deep longing we all have to get back together and enjoy sports, […]

  • Nike on Chinese Culture

    Nike on Chinese Culture

    Nike has done it again, this time capturing the sometimes comic ritual of gift-giving (in this case, the tradition of hongbao red envelopes given out during the Chinese New Year) in Asian culture. These envelopes are often filled with money and given to children by elder relatives for good luck. The 90-second spot from Wieden+Kennedy […]

  • Serena Williams is Crazy

    Serena Williams is Crazy

    Serena Williams is crazy. . . in a good way.

  • Serena Williams

    Serena Williams

    Nike debuted a video of Richard Williams coaching his then 9-year-old daughter Serena Williams. The commercial juxtaposes the images of Richard crouched next to a tiny Serena as he says, “This is you in the U.S. Open.” – The Root Then there is this clip from an interview when she was 14-years-old when her father […]

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