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  • Samurai Smartphone

    Samurai Smartphone

    Shot in the old black & white style of a Kurosawa movie, this PSA from Japanese cell phone provider DoCoMo is done quite well. Hat tip to Shunan for sharing on the SmartNews Slack channel.

  • 森の木琴

    OK. Making fun of Sharp’s Touch Wood phone’s naming was an amateurish cheap shot. Mea culpa. NTT’s advertising campaign for the phone is pure, beautiful, brilliance. Advantage NTT docomo!

  • Touch Wood Phone?

    Touch Wood Phone?

    I love Japanese design, everything was looking great about this latest concept model from Sharp. The concept was really cool (you can read more about it on WirelessWatch Japan) until I heard the name. What’s that in your pocket again?

  • DoCoMo Branding

    DoCoMo’s new branding campaign is underway and it’s a full court press on people here in Tokyo on segmenting the market into four major archetypes. Take a guess – which box goes with the individual featured in the photo above. Stumped? Bath yourself in the full flash experience of a very slick marketing site.