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  • France 2024 Hype Videos

    Now that both Olympic and Paralympic Games have closed, all eyes look to the next Olympic Games, Paris 2024. During the closing ceremonies they played a hype video to get you excited for France and it did not disappoint. An equally impressive performance was shown at the closing ceremonies of the paraolympics.

  • The longest marathon

    The longest marathon

    The curious case of Shizo Kanakuri’s epic run

  • Human Pictograms

    Looking back at the human pictograms used to illustrate 50 Olympic sports in 5 minutes I realized the inspiration is from an Japanese game show I wrote about earlier, Kasou Taishou.

  • Simone Biles

    The courage to “put mental health first”

  • #knittingteamfi

    I have a new appreciation for Team Finland. The Finnish coach is KNITTING at the top of the slopestyle course. Someone please find out what this man is making!!!#PyongChang2018 #snowboard pic.twitter.com/Nr87YBJ2lf — Shelby-Jai Flick (@ShelbyJaiFlick) February 10, 2018 Indeed! Team effort at its best! #knittingteamfi — Olympic Team Finland (@OlympicTeamFI) February 12, 2018 We are […]

  • 12 Hidden Gems from Rio

    There were so many stories that came out of Rio but what I enjoyed the most from the SmartNews Rio Olympics page were the lesser reported stories that bubbled up on the page. Over the past couple weeks I kept a list of my favorites and below are the best. ONE: Before the games even […]

  • Gabby Douglas = Grace

    Gabby Douglas = Grace

    I’ve been keeping half an eye on the Olympics this year but this photo by Greg Bull of the Associated Press stopped me in my tracks. (click image to enlarge) UPDATE: Some details on how the photographer captured this shot over on Poynter.