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  • Catching Phish at The Gorge

    Catching Phish at The Gorge

    I’m writing this in case I’m asked why I took nearly a week off to attend a three-day concert all the way on the other side of the country in central Washington. I want something I can send out that satisfies and hopefully inspires people to dig in to learn a little more about this […]

  • Phish, Embracing the Remix

    Jam bands like the Grateful Dead and Phish have always been ahead of the curve with how they let their fans record their concerts because as Jerry Garcia famously said, “Once we’re done with it, it’s theirs.” These bands have always made more money on their tours than record sales anyway and because each show […]

  • The Premium Upsell

    Todd Sampson has a great take on publisher’s reaction to the text-to-speech feature on the new Amazon Kindle. Rather than view this feature as a threat to their existing Books on Tape business line, they should look at Amazon’s electronic distribution of their text as a potential channel for an upsell. The quality of the […]

  • Live Phish

    Live Phish

    Saw a pretty hot Phish show at the Philly Spectrum last week. Great to see an East Coast show with a great East Coast band.

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