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  • Photographing Fireworks

    For the past two years I’ve had the good fortune to live right next to the largest fireworks event in North America, the Macy’s July Fourth fireworks “Spectacular” on the East River between Manhattan and Queens. Last year I walked out on to the FDR highway which was blocked off to traffic both North and…

  • two mountains

    Fell into a Reddit hole and found these.

  • Story behind iconic Steve Jobs portrait

    How do you get a portrait subject to relax so you can get their true essence? What if your subject is Steve Jobs? You know the photo – here’s the story behind how it was captured. the pair got to work and Watson began to approach the process like he was conducting a passport photoshoot;…

  • San Francisco Bay on a clear day

    Back in February, while everyone was watching the Super Bowl, DigitalGlobe‚Äôs WorldView-3 satellite took this photo from its vantage point about 800 miles to the West out over the Pacific. Normally haze would cause such and image to blur out from such a distance but this satellite is special. From the Mapbox blog where I…

  • As Above, So Below

    My sister noticed that a recent photo I uploaded to Instagram looked familiar. The photo I uploaded below is of my two kids on a recent trip to Mt. Shasta. The next photo is from a hike in Yosemite with my sister when I was a student at UC Berkeley. Brother – Sister. 20 years…

  • Timelapse of the Golden Gate

    Timelapse of the Golden Gate

    I had some time to kill over the weekend so tried out a timelapse of the fog rolling in over San Francisco. Here’s the result. Sunset on the Golden Gate from ian kennedy on Vimeo.

  • Gabby Douglas = Grace

    Gabby Douglas = Grace

    I’ve been keeping half an eye on the Olympics this year but this photo by Greg Bull of the Associated Press stopped me in my tracks. (click image to enlarge) UPDATE: Some details on how the photographer captured this shot over on Poynter.

  • Those Who Seek Beauty, Will Find It

    Over the weekend I saw the film, Bill Cunningham New York, a documentary about the New York Times street fashion photographer. It’s been years since I’ve wandered into to the Style section of the Times where Bill’s weekly On the Street photo-scrapbook lives (this week’s column, Reality Check). The film is an inspiration to those…