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  • SmartNews & Breaker

    As a commuter, I have two blocks of time going to and from the office when I am not able to read. During these times, I listen to podcasts as a way to get a deeper perspective on the news of the day or learn something new. Most podcast apps ask you to subscribe or […]

  • Native Podcast Players

    Native Podcast Players

    The New York Times app added a native podcast player that does an excellent job of complimenting their news rather than competing with it. The player was launched to support The Daily, their flagship news show. What is really interesting about this player is that it lets the user continue to browse while listening. Tap […]

  • Glomar Response

    Glomar Response

    The strange origin of the Glomar Response and its relation to a shipbuilder in Alameda.

  • Breaking Baddest

    Breaking Bad is over. I watched the final episode a couple of nights ago. I only first got into the series because I saw from our Netflix queue that my son was watching it and figured I should watch a few episodes to see what was it was about. He got bored and moved on […]

  • Patently Ridiculous

    I had a listen to the second part to This American Life’s excellent two part series on patent trolls (the first part is here) and how the use of weaponized software patents is squashing innovation. The podcast outlined the plight of entrepreneurs too afraid to start business for fears of being sued out of existence […]

  • Dave McClure: One can only go to Zero

    Dave McClure: One can only go to Zero

    I was listening to Jason Calacanis interview Dave McClure on his This Week in Startups podcast and had to share this amazing rant on the sorry state of investing in the United States. Dave rants on the lopsided, systemic governmental bias towards the real estate business. The worst you can do when you invest in […]

  • Chris Sacca on TWiST

    Chris Sacca on TWiST

    Jason Calacanis interviews Chris Sacca on This Week in Startups. It’s an amazing, 2-part episode full of straight talk about the current state of startups. There are many great stories and interesting nuggets of information sprinkled throughout. I’m still listening so I’ll update this post with my favorites sections but feel free to share your […]

  • Analog to Digital

    There is a great interview with Thomas Peterffy on NPR’s Planet Money podcast this week. Mr. Petterffy is credited with bringing computers to Wall Street. In the clip below, he talks about how he cut the cord to his NASDAQ terminal and patched it into the back of a computer so that his trading algorithm […]

  • Tony Conrad on TWIST

    I’m an occasional listener to Jason Calacanis’ podcast, This Week in Start Ups. The guests really make the show and this episode from a few weeks back with Tony Conrad, a partner at True Ventures, is killer. Tony didn’t get too much time to talk about his latest product, about.me but he did share a lot […]

  • Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe

    Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe

    Could this be Coca-Cola’s secret recipe? NPR’s weekly radio, This American Life, show dusts off an old newspaper article from 1979 which featured the photo scanned below. On the episode (podcast), Ira Glass works with the folks at Jones Soda and tries to recreate the original recipe which includes things such as coriander and neroli oil. Fast […]

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