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  • Institutional memory in a box

    Institutional memory in a box

    Every publisher should be thinking about publishing their archives into a GPT-style database to be used as an internal research tool.

  • The Challenge Ahead

    The Challenge Ahead

    Generative AI presents a challenge for media companies that can no longer rely on Google for “discovery.” The chat UI commoditizes everything it indexes so every source in its index is reduced to a mere footnote. The article (or media artifact) construct will exist tangentially to chat, but with less importance to the reader experience…

  • Search finds, chat extracts

    Search finds, chat extracts

    Publishers should not wait to experiment with conversational AI platforms so they can emerge from this Precambrian period with a reputation for quality that prevents them from disintermediation by the platforms.

  • Smarted

    I’m not going to go into detail on the why and how the wheels came off, I think this line by my colleague is a pretty good summary, Strong dollar + weak yen + difficult macro environment + US tech salaries = Japanese start-up slashing 40% global headcount. David Chu on LinkedIn So yeah, the…

  • Media Innovation

    Media Innovation

    I enjoyed Brian Morrissey’s Digiday podcasts which featured interviews with various media executives. His experience in publishing and advertising brings out a level of detail in his conversations that goes deeper than most but still accessible even for a trade publication. His The Rebooting newsletter is his attempt to branch out on his own and…

  • Cracking the Code of Local News

    Cracking the Code of Local News

    In his opening remarks, Rich Jaroslovsky, VP for Content and Chief Journalist at SmartNews, said that Local News is something that everyone has tried but, “nobody has fully cracked the code.” Backfence, Topix, Patch, and countless other valiant efforts have taken a run at it but failed to sustain. “Local News is still a huge…

  • Flipboard’s Layout Algorithm

    Casey pointed me to a fascinating post from the Flipboard Engineering blog that gives a peek into that company’s layout engine, Duplo. We start with a set of page layouts created by human designers. Then, our layout engine figures out how to best fit your content into these layouts—considering things like page density, pacing, rhythm,…

  • Online Advertising is just TV?

    Here’s the plan: Publishers, take every banner ad off of your site. Not just the ones you stuffed at the bottom on the page that nobody sees anyway. Remove each and every single one. Replace those small, ugly boxes with a full-screen, 30-second video interstitial to be displayed on every third page viewed per customer session. Sell the value…

  • Flaming Lips makes the upsell into an art form

    Flaming Lips makes the upsell into an art form

    The Flaming Lips Gummy Bear skull which you need to eat your way into the skull to “extract the music.