San Francisco Bay on a clear day

Back in February, while everyone was watching the Super Bowl, DigitalGlobe’s WorldView-3 satellite took this photo from its vantage point about 800 miles to the West out over the Pacific.

Normally haze would cause such and image to blur out from such a distance but this satellite is special. From the Mapbox blog where I found this remarkable photo.

We don’t often see pictures like this one. The problem is haze: as a camera in space looks toward the horizon, it sees more water vapor, smog, and other stuff in the atmosphere that obscures the Earth. But our friends at DigitalGlobe built WorldView-3 with a sensor suite called CAVIS, which lets it quantify and subtract haze – making atmospheric effects virtually invisible. Only WorldView-3 can see so clearly at this angle.

Superb Owl

The circus has left town but that’s not to say the city didn’t get the chance to poke a little fun at the NFL’s self-importance.

sup bro

superb owl

up r bowel

Specialty Coffee around the World


The New York Times has a piece about the San Francisco coffee scene, specifically the barista training upstairs from the local temple of the perfect cup, Sightglass.

While the West Coast style of brewing is making it’s way to Japan in places like Shibuya, Japan has it’s own professional brewing method which they take very seriously. It’s called siphoning.


Gymkhana your Morning Commute

Ken Block is bound to inspire some drivers on tomorrow’s commute. Check out this crazy video of him weaving in and around the streets of San Francisco. A couple of things impressed me:

Able to clear out a section of the Bay Bridge in May.

Full speed launch up Taylor Street that would make Steve McQueen proud.

Drifting in, around, and out of the maze on the pier like a mad rat in a maze and weaving under his friend who is balanced on the front wheel of his dirt bike.

Crazy sideways jump on a hill with full throttle to keep him from slamming into a barrier.

Picture perfect finish on Twin Peaks on a beautiful, San Francisco day.

The full video is below. It went from 300 views when I first saw it this morning to almost 1 million as I write this at 5pm.