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  • Big Blue Masala

    IBM will release a new corporate search engine, the “DB2 Information Integrator” (code-named Masala) tomorrow reports CNet and eWeek. The information integrator is able to do this because it can search rapidly across multiple databases, including relational and non-relational databases and structured and unstructured data such as text files, word documents, Adobe Acrobat files, video […]

  • Monitoring Blogs

    The San Jose Mercury News did a piece this week on companies turning to new tools to track consumer opinions on blogs. More and more people are beginning to realize that the right blogs, if monitored correctly, can serve as an early warning mechanism for the PR flacks everywhere. With their finger on the pulse […]

  • LexisNexis Total Search

    Lexis, the legal research division of Reed Elsevier, announced enhancements to a product called Total Search. Included in the enhancements is the ability to hook into a firm’s document management system and bring back an aggregated set of search results. LexisNexis Total Search also identifies, correlates, and links case citations appearing within internal work product […]

  • The Independent on Search

    Charles Arthur, who writes for the UK paper, The Independent puts the Search conundrum in plain English, Yet it’s strange that it’s a lot easier to find something on the web than on my desk; and easier to find something on the web than on my computer. You would think one would store the things […]

  • Search, not Sort

    Wired files this story on Apple’s announcement of Spotlight. In Jobs’ scheme, the hierarchy of files and folders is a dreary, outdated metaphor inspired by office filing. In today’s communications era, categorized by the daily barrage of new e-mails, websites, pictures and movies, who wants to file when you can simply search? What does it […]