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  • Advertising, paywall or a bit of both?

    Advertising, paywall or a bit of both?

    GigaOM posted the audio to a¬†fascinating session at last month’s paidContent Live conference. In it, there’s a great insight/throw down by Bob Bowman, CEO of MLB, Advanced Media. Right around the 15-minute mark Bob calls those that read metered sites such as nytimes.com without subscribing, rooting around their 25 articles/month limit are, “professional freeloaders” of […]

  • Is Next Issue the Spotify for Magazines?

    Over the weekend I posted a question wondering why no one has done what Spotify has done for music and Netflix for movies. The fact that no one has stepped in¬†to offer a bundled subscription for another “old media” type, the magazine & newspaper, seemed like an opportunity to me that made economic sense. Yesterday, […]

  • Subscription Bundles

    Subscription Bundles

    Very interesting experiment over at the Chicago Tribune. The Chicago Tribune will at last begin charging for its online content through an innovative scheme that will also give readers access to a premium package of third party content, the newspaper has told paidContent. Under the plan, readers will see selections from the Economist and Forbes […]

  • NYT puts their best behind a gate

    TimesSelect, a new package being launched by nytimes.com in September, will restrict access to some of the best known columnists to only those with a subscription key. For either $49.95/year or free with a home-delivery subscription to the print newspaper, readers will get an account to TimesSelect which will give them unfettered access to the […]

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