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  • Autonomous Driving Update

    Back in April there was a run of stories about autonomous vehicles. Singapore was rolling out driverless taxis (one has since been involved in a minor fender-bender). Roborace, the firstĀ driverless race car event was announced (the kinks are still being worked outĀ and Audi just reported that they dropped out of Le Mans to focus on…

  • Tesla’s 1984 Moment

    We all remember Apple Computer’s 1984 commercial. It represented Apple’s coming out as a viable alternative to the dull, beige box computer that was foisted on us. I proffer to you Tesla’s version of that commercial. Filmed by the Freise Brothers, it features a voice from the past describing a future that has arrived.

  • Tesla drives coast-to-coast

    Tesla drives coast-to-coast

    Elon Musk announced last night that by the end of this year you will be able to drive a Tesla across the United States for free stopping every 200 miles for a 20 minute charge. More details on the Tesla Supercharger page.