Volvo Truck, meet Sophie

Volvo Trucks is at it again with another promotional video for their trucks. This one features 4-year old Sophie who “drives” an 18-ton┬átruck through an obstacle course using a remote control.

This is the latest in a brilliant series which, back two years ago featured Van Damme doing an Epic Split.

Van Damme Splits Volvo Trucks

Jea-Claude Van Damme Missing

Yesterday I saw this on a lightpost on the way to work. Kinda random. I walked on. There’s a link to the full image, some tumbler with links to the pdf so that people can print them out and post them on their own.

Today I see this video of Van Damme doing his “famous split” again.

There’s a whole series of these “live tests” starting from August 15th by the Swedish advertising firm Forsman & Bodenfors.