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  • ChatGPT Fun

    ChatGPT Fun

    I went to today’s State of the Word presentation in person (woohoo, so nice to attend in-person events once again!) and one question was about the dreaded “build-to-launch gap” where you build a website for a client and then it takes them months to post anything into the beautiful container you built for them. There […]

  • Distribution without tears

    Written somewhere over Kansas on the way to WordCamp for Publishers. Please look me up if you want to chat about this post. This is a shameless pitch for a plugin to WordPress my company just published but there are also broader ideas proposed here and I would love your feedback. SmartNews is a mobile […]

  • WordPress 4.4 Embed test

    Just upgraded everwas.com to WordPress 4.4. Let’s see how the embed feature works. WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” Nifty!

  • Now Running WordPress 3.6, Oscar

      Each major version of WordPress is named after a jazz musician. WordPress 3.6 is named after “Oscar” in honor of the great jazz pianist Oscar Peterson. Performance is good. Along with an upgrade of my Thesis theme to 2.1, it’s pretty snappy!

  • Wagging your Long Tail with Just for You

    What if you could ask each reader that came to your blog what they were interested in and show them a list of posts from your archives that matched those interests? I’ve been blogging for over five years and as posts roll off the front page they fade into the archives to be mostly forgotten,. […]

  • Doh! Comments Deleted

    Chalk this one up to user error. You should never try and de-spam your blog after a night out on the town. I was a bit frisky on the controls and the AJAX-y WordPress UI flipped from showing comments awaiting moderation to comments approved before I could stop myself from clicking, Delete All. I think […]

  • A picture is worth a thousand words – Yahoo! Shortcuts for WordPress

    When I write a blog post I make heavy use of the tabs in my browser so that I can switch back and forth between the blog compose screen and other screens where I do my research. I usually have my trusty image editor running as well so I can crop an edit any images […]

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