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  • Ambition

    “Oh, and one more thing just before I head home today” This note was spotted on one of the MyBlogLog engineer’s desks. Not too ambitious is he? I like the fact that it’s on a Post-It, just a reminder in case you forgot!

  • The Walk to School

    Over on the work blog I’ve posted about switching jobs to work at Yahoo. I’ll be starting next week so I’m spending this week clearing the decks and getting ready. Tyler’s bummed because I will not be able to walk him to school anymore and it’s been the time of day when we get to […]

  • 15 minutes of fame

    While I was in Japan last week, the Oakland Tribune ran a story about corporations getting into blogging. The angle they took was not quite the one I would have stressed (the first step into the blogging world can sometimes be a doozy) but it’s nice to see business blogs getting some coverage in the […]

  • Back in the Day

    Back in the Day

    San Francisco before the .com boom and my brush with Louis Rossetto and other name drops. I read Gary Wolf’s Wired, an account of the magazine and it’s founder, Louis Rossetto. The tales within resonate even stronger than most books about this era because I have a personal connection with some of the characters within. […]

  • Pictures of the office

    Thanks to another Kennedy (not related) you can see where Mie & I work.

  • Commuting Choices

    At long last our offices are now up in San Francisco so I am no longer taking the automobile down the freeway to work each day. Now the choices of how to get to the office abound: 1. The bus can take me from Alameda to the Transbay bus terminal. There is a stop about […]

  • Field Trip

    Field Trip

    Today everyone in the office loaded up into a bus and headed up to San Francisco to see our new office into which we’re moving in January. Everyone was in high spirits, the offices in San Mateo are fine but the area has absolutely no character and the commute has been wearing thin for most […]

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