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  • suck.com – birth of snark

    suck.com – birth of snark

    I wanted to share something which I think is lost on today’s web, the art of the hyperlink. The decision to link to something using the web should be more than just informational. There are the basic points of style such as collapsing the sentence and using the verb as the link to more information […]

  • How to write a good set of Community Guidelines

    How to write a good set of Community Guidelines

    Writing the Community Guidelines for an online social network is an art. Next to on-boarding and FAQs, the community guidelines are an important document that helps set the tone for the site and the people that use it. You need to be clear and firm but also treat those that use your site as humans […]

  • Breaking Baddest

    Breaking Bad is over. I watched the final episode a couple of nights ago. I only first got into the series because I saw from our Netflix queue that my son was watching it and figured I should watch a few episodes to see what was it was about. He got bored and moved on […]

  • Finca de Mike

    Finca de Mike

    Stumbling across beauty & terror in the jungles of Guatemala

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