We spent the day in Philadelphia today which is easier to get in and out of than NYC. Saw a children’s play at the Please Touch Museum and then caught a few laps of the USPRO Wachovia Classic cycling race.

Later in the evening, our little hamlet put on lessons in Square Dancing in the local commons – city hall brought in a “caller” from Pennsylvania to get things started and instruct everyone how to “dozzie-do” and we all had a great ol’ time. Our version of a summertime bon-odori.


Just got back from a week’s holiday in Hawaii where we hooked up with Izumi’s parents. Absolutely wonderful break from the craziness of work. Swam every day with the kids and flew (and lost) a kite with Tyler. Tiki torches at twilight, tropical fish and dolphins at the hotel lagoon – will post pictures as soon as their developed.

New Hope & Ivy Railroad

A banner weekend for weather which we took advantage of by heading out early to get a table at our favorite Cafe at Rosemont where we met up with our friends and their kids. After a Papaya & Brie omlet and other goodies, we spend a lazy afternoon in New Hope and Lambertville skipping stones in the canal and riding the New Hope & Ivyland Railroad

New Hope & Ivy Railroad

Tyler & Ken-chan hamming it up for the cameraman. Everyone had a great time.

Thanks be to the Gods of the Internet!

Thanks be to the Gods of the Internet! After trawling various chat rooms a kind soul named Lydia offered to tape us the final episodes for us so we can save ourselves the embarassment of admitting to Motoko that we can’t operate a VCR. Since submitting my email address to these X-File chatrooms, my spam profile has taken an interesting turn,

Big Ear

I now get an entertaining mix of offers for miniture shotgun mikes and infrared cameras. . .