Month: July 2003

  • Tyler’s First Joke

    Tyler told his first joke: Q: Why did the cow cross the road? A: To go to the mooovies!

  • Sketches

    The spiral eyes is part of his unique style.

  • Amtrak

    I’m writing this on the train ride from hell on the way home from a three day trip to Boston. I thought I’d be clever and take Amtrak because their high speed Acela trains have electric outlets so while viewing the New England coastline slip by I could catch up on my email backlog. Little…

  • Jury Duty

    My number’s finally come up – I’ve been summoned to appear at the Mercer County Court House to serve as a Petit Juror.

  • Julia

    Thank you for the kind card Richard & Diedre!

  • Honda Cog

    Honda Cog

    I just can’t get over how amazing Honda’s “cog” commercial has been. It’s got to be one of the most linked to sites around, 2 minutes of pure analog fun. I read this took 600 takes to get it right.

  • Branch down

    Just yesterday had a 20′ branch come down off a tree in our front yard. We’re lucky no one got hurt or anything was damaged. Turns out the inside of the branch was eaten away by carpenter ants – insect guys coming over to check out our house and tree but I’m now worried that…