Year: 2003

  • Art Day

    Today was an art day. Morning took us to the Princeton Museum of Art where a kind an patient woman taught a collection of 5 & 6 year olds about perspective. We later sneaked out to see the Monets and the Egyptian mummy in the basement. Later we went to the Grounds for Sculpture where […]

  • Was over in Tokyo last month

    Was over in Tokyo last month with the family in tow for the launch of the Japanese interface for my company’s product, We had a proper press event where I held court for an hour or so and did my best to wow them. We got covered in some of the local press and […]

  • Live Phish

    Live Phish

    Saw a pretty hot Phish show at the Philly Spectrum last week. Great to see an East Coast show with a great East Coast band.

  • A lighter look

    A lighter look at the scary events in the Middle East are laid out in this Flash-based strategy game