We’re in big trouble. Izumi’s friend sent us a blank video tape and a request that we tape her episodes 19 & 20 on the 9th season of X-files. Of course my fumbling with the VCR timer screwed us up and we missed the first episode and then Tyler popped out the tape so he could watch Thomas the Tank Engine and we missed the second episode. As luck would have it, these are the last two episodes of the nine year series and the show was going to reveal all in a two part show called The Truth.

So now we’re diving into the murky waters of X-File land posting our plea on message boards everywhere and looking for a kind soul that can dub us the two golden episodes so we can avoid the wrath of Izumi’s friend. All the while knowing that Motoko also hangs out on these boards and will most likely see our post and understand why we’re late to delivery – ah there’s no escaping the roving eye of the internet is there. . .

Wish us luck, “The Truth is out there” and, Motoko, if you’re reading this – GOMEN!






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