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  • Sotetsu Line Tear Jerker

    Sotetsu Line Tear Jerker

    In America, it used to be AT&T that made the nostalgic TV commercials that would bring a tear to your eye. In Japan, a Yokohama train line is pulling on that thread. The Sotetsu line was the train I took to my Japanese grandmother’s house in Wadamachi from its terminus in Yokohama. It was the…

  • Something Different

    Something Different

    Yasumura has been polishing his bit for years back in his native Japan. Now he has taken his act internationally to Britain’s Got Talent, changing his name to Toni Kaku and leaning into his mangled Engrish. Don’t worry. . . he’s wearing . . . PANTS! Izumi dug up a video of him from eight…

  • Underlined or Crossed-out?

    Underlined or Crossed-out?

    Last night’s episode of Succession hung in the balance on the interpretation of a memo left in Logan Roy’s safe and the collective interpretation of a single, wobbly pencil line left by the family patriarch. Just when you think it can’t get any murkier, the clouds roll in. UPDATE: Jesse Armstrong points out the obvious…

  • Succession Riffs on Media

    Succession Riffs on Media

    Cringy dialog around media from HBO’s Succession

  • There’s More That Unites Us

    CBS Sunday Morning rolled out Ted Koppel last weekend to explore how the United States became so polarized as a nation and if there were things that could mend the divide. Twenty-one years ago, in the wake of the 9/11 attacks, may have been the last time that the United States was openly – even…

  • Game Show Fails

  • Japanese TV News

    Television news programs in Japan are famously entertaining. The sets are more interesting and the hosts are much more physically involved with the story-telling. Below are some screenshots of a lengthy and incredibly detailed explanation of the sport of speedskating. Here they are talking about the importance of drafting complete with a huge fan for…

  • Kasou Taishou

    We spent this morning looking at YouTube videos of Kasou Taishou. These are short skits that re-create special effects using charmingly amateur stage effects. Think of it as a mashup between traditional Japanese kabuki stage-craft and a high school play. Add a twist of self-depreciating humor and you’ve got a winner.

  • Casey Neistat – Disrupter of Broadcast News?

    Two of the three commercials run by Samsung during this year’s Academy Awards were basically showing us why their phones will not explode, the final spot of the evening featured mega-YouTube star Casey Neistat and dared anyone with imagination to become the next star. It’s an inspirational advertisement that only peripherally features Samsung but is…