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  • Rocketboom for the Wall Street crowd

    Wallstrip, the new daily video blog featuring Lindsay Campbell, is Wall Street’s version of Rocketboom. Same formula as the old Rocketboom – simple set, man-on-the-street inteviews, a mix of tech topics and snippets of groaners from the internet. The difference is that the subjects and audience for this show is the Wall Street set – […]

  • If Doritos are your thing. . .

    If beaming messages of Hope and Beauty are not your thing – through December 4th you can try your hand at creating the next advertisement for Doritos. Win prizes (cash and a trip to Miami for the Superbowl, having your video shown on TV during one of the coveted million dollar ad spots). More info […]

  • Yet another way to monetize your audience

    The NY Times writes about how TiVo is getting into the audience research business. It’s inevitable really and the fact that they have a VP of Audience Research doesn’t suprise me. The usage behavior that they can dig through can reveal all sorts of trends that would be of interest to any market researcher. For […]

  • Amanda Signs off from Rocketboom

    June 16th Andrew Barron, owner of 51% of mega-popular video blog show, Rocketboom posts on his blog about the CBS and Dan Rather parting ways, I always liked Dan Rather and feel as though he made one mistake that pales in comparison to all the worth he brought the world over the years. I’d like […]

  • Reuters Video Affiliate Network

    Reuters is using Brightcove to distribute its video content via an affiliate network of bloggers and small publishers. The network is in the pilot phase now but you can apply here and, if accepted, copy & paste some code into your site to make Reuters Video available on your site via a player like the […]

  • Tivo serving up advertisments to 30-second skippers

    Davis Freeburg has a long post about Tivo’s new Product Watch service which allows people to subscribe to advertisments. I’ve signed up for the service and will post more about it once I’ve had a chance to try it out. Davis writes: Advertising, ironically enough for an ad zapper, is probably more important to TiVo […]

  • Why you will no longer skip the ads on “Lost”

    If you’ve been following the ABC television show Lost, you may know that they’ve been building up to a season finale that would integrate the internet and game play into the viewing experience. Tonight the game launched itself with a non-descript advertisement from "The Hanso Foundation" Any regular viewer of Lost knows that this is […]

  • If you have a small screen, you need to be able to point it anywhere

    Russell Beattie has his Tivo streaming to his cellphone and says, “who needs Location Free TV or a Slingbox if you have a TiVo sitting there already? And all those $5 a month video plans? Forget it. This is awesome stuff.” Mass media is being sliced into ever smaller chunks. First it was the 200+ […]

  • A $46.6 million Bet on Sling Media

    UPDATE: One of the main investors is EchoStar, which also operates the Dish Network satellite TV service. The plan is to differentiate the Dish service with the Slingbox “take your video anywhere” service and, “to expand into mobile platforms like cell phones and handheld devices. Sling Media also recently announced plans to introduce Macintosh-compatible versions […]

  • Rocketboom now available on Tivo

    Rocketboom, the daily video newscast is now available for download to your broadband connected Tivo. We differ from a regular TV program in many important ways. Instead of costing millions of dollars to produce, Rocketboom is created with a consumer-level video camera, a laptop, two lights and a map with no additional overhead or costs. […]