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  • Origins of the “TiVo” moniker

    Origins of the “TiVo” moniker

    The winning answer was we were naming the next TV. I thought it should be as close as possible to what people would find familiar so it must contain T and V. I started looking at letter combinations and pretty quickly settled on TiVo. I also liked that “i” and “o” were a part of […]

  • What would you do with unlimited bandwidth?

    If you’re Time Warner/AOL, you’d use it to clean out your attic and broadcast re-runs. Actually, that’s not quite accurate as they’re going to ask folks to participate in a peer-to-peer network to access the video files. AOL and peer-to-peer, that’s not a union I would have imagined but a new dawn is upon us. […]

  • Yahoo to connect to TiVo

    Via the New York Times, Yahoo and TiVo announce that TiVo users will soon be able to access Yahoo information (Weather, Traffic) and Yahoo users will have shortcut to their TiVo from their personalized Yahoo television listings.. (I just checked and the link to add to your TiVo’s To Do recording list is already there!) […]

  • KRON TV blogger meetup

    On Saturday, I headed over to check out the KRON4 Blogger Meetup. I was not sure what to expect but who could turn down the offer of free food and interesting conversation? I think all of us there would agree that we would have liked to have more structure to the afternoon but KRON achieved […]

  • Google Video Search

    Google Labs just announced that they are now providing a video search engine. Details in a BBC article here. This is slightly different than the video search announced by Yahoo earlier in that is indexes the closed caption content provided with television shows and returns results that show where in television segment the search terms […]

  • TV while-u-wait

    While filling up on gas on the way to Tahoe the other weekend, I noticed that they had managed to pipe in CNBC business news into the little LCD monitor on the gas pump. Caught up on the latest market news while I topped up the tank. Ubiquitous sound bite TV and cell phone browsing […]

  • Cold Snap – News at 10!

    Izumi and I had a laugh at the news this evening.  They top story was the cold weather we’ve been having with the mercury dropping (egads!) to the 40’s. The newscast went on for the next 10 minutes talking to people that were complaining or wondering how to keep warm. Throw on a sweater! Wear […]

  • Crazy Weather, Man

    Watched an entertaining report from a CNN weatherman “reporting live from the eye of Hurricane Ivan” as he tried to hold an intelligent conversation while holding himself up with one hand on a rail and another on his microphone. He kept getting swept off camera with cries of, “whoa bessy” and then clawing himself back […]

  • Fuhghet-about-it


    The phrase is from a note sent to my father who, after living over 25 years in Japan, is amazed at the overt confidence of the advertising he sees on video tapes I send him from America. If you think corporate American advertising is overt, you should see New Jersey! The difference between the East […]

  • Rummy Blustered

    Rummy Blustered on Face the Nation SCHIEFFER: Well, let me just ask you this. If they did not have these weapons of mass destruction, though, granted all of that is true, why then did they pose an immediate threat to us, to this country? Sec. RUMSFELD: Well, you’re the–you and a few other critics are […]