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  • Silicon Valley the Reality Show

    Coming in November to Bravo channel. Silicon Valley, the reality show, will either kill whatever whiff of a bubble we have or kick it into high gear. nytimes.com/2012/07/10/tec… — ian kennedy (@iankennedy) July 11, 2012 This has happened before. The bright lights of Hollywood shine their lights into the Valley and all hell breaks loose. […]

  • Broadcast TV is Broken

    Through the eyes of a four year old child who grew up in the on-demand entertainment world of Netflix, traditional “appointment television” is a foreign concept. The interruption of commercials jarring and confusing. The following is from Patrick Rhone who is writing about his daughter and her utter disbelief in how things used to be […]

  • Watson Wins Jeopardy

    Watson Wins Jeopardy

    Ken Jennings graciously concedes losing to IBM’s Watson computer on the final day of the three day Jeopardy tournament. More details on the research behind the experiment on my earlier post.

  • IBM Watson on Jeopardy

    In a brilliant piece of PR, IBM Research stormed back on the scene matching their artificial intelligence computer, Watson, against top contestants of the popular American game show, Jeopardy. On February 14, 15, and 16 Watson’s competes against two humans on live television. According a piece on Wired’s Epicenter blog, 25 IBM scientists spent four […]

  • NBC holding Olympic videos hostage

    NBC is milking their investment in broadcasting rights for the Beijing Olympics by making anyone that wants to view their videos jump through a few hoops. Hoop Number One: Install Silverlight 2.0. This limits installation to only Windows machines or Intel-based Macs. Oh, and you have to restart your browser so you if you don’t […]

  • Pay-per-Click Marketing comes to Television

    Tivo and Amazon have teamed up in a partnership that anyone following the two could have seen coming. It will soon be possible to click your Tivo remote and order items like the latest album from the musical guest on the David Letterman show. The concept of using your remote to purchase stuff you see […]

  • Way to go WallStrip!

    Techcrunch confirms that CBS has purchased Wallstrip. Lindsay Campbell, the host, drops by CBS headquarters to meet her new colleagues. [Watch]

  • YouTube Active Sharing

    First time I noticed this but there’s an icon up by your profile next to “History” that lets you know about YouTube’s Active Sharing feature. When you start Active Sharing, your username will appear to other users on the videos you watch. A list of videos you’ve recently watched will also appear on your profile […]

  • Tivo vs. Apple TV

    That was quick. I thought the distribution of home movies directly downloaded to Tivo would have been handled by the Amazon Unbox arrangement which I wrote about last week but I instead Tivo is promoting a service called One True Media. Here’s how it works. Upload your photos and short movies to the service that […]

  • Movies to your Tivo via Amazon Unbox

    Movies to your Tivo via Amazon Unbox

    I decided to give Amazon’s new Unbox service a whirl over the weekend (they are offering $15 in credit if you register your Tivo broadband service with Amazon by April 30th) and was very pleased with the experience. It took only a few minutes to link up my Tivo account and after that, any movie […]