If you’ve been following the ABC television show Lost, you may know that they’ve been building up to a season finale that would integrate the internet and game play into the viewing experience. Tonight the game launched itself with a non-descript advertisement from "The Hanso Foundation"

Any regular viewer of Lost knows that this is the Hanso Foundation plays a key role in the show and the phone number at the end of the commercial (1-877-hansorg) is the first clue. What follows is a trail  via a voice mail tree that brings you eventually a website that’s been set up for the game.

I’m a bit lazy and shortcutted my way to the site via The Lost Experience which is doing a great job documenting the twists and turns of this very immersive "alternate reality game." I’m really interested to see how this all turns out but one thing is certain, by running an ad with clues to kick this off, ABC has skewered my reflex to zip through the commercials on my Tivo.