Month: March 2004

  • Tyler’s 5th Birthday

    We celebrated Tyler’s fifth birthday today by renting out the local gymnastics hall. This was the first time we had a big party for him and he was thrilled to have so much attention. It was also great to see how excited his friends were to see him. Nothing like ice cream and padded walls…

  • Living in New England

    Something about living in the Northeast, turns your blood thicker or something. Driving around it seemed so warm, I rolled the window down and enjoyed the fresh air. Turned the radio up, some fast picking Bluegrass, I could smell Spring in the air. The sun was setting, the sky looked glorious, then the DJ came…

  • Tyler’s alternative views

    Tyler’s alternative views on the world are a never ending source of wonder. This morning, when I asked if he had any dreams the night before, he said that he had his pillow on the wrong side. Pressing him for details, he added that his pillow has a dream side and a no-dream side –…

  • It’s still not over

    Just when I thought we were past this most recent storm. . . Wet snow will overspread the area from the southwest by late evening. It will mix with or start as rain at the onset in southeastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey. The snow will become heavy at times, mainly between the hours of…

  • Another Snow Day

    Just when you thought it was time for Spring. . .look what I woke up to this morning!

  • Rummy Blustered

    Rummy Blustered on Face the Nation SCHIEFFER: Well, let me just ask you this. If they did not have these weapons of mass destruction, though, granted all of that is true, why then did they pose an immediate threat to us, to this country? Sec. RUMSFELD: Well, you’re the–you and a few other critics are…

  • Mr. Broemel visits his old house

    Mr. Broemel visits his old house

    Last Fall we had a visit from an old man and his daughter. The daughter told us that her father grew up in our house and while paying a visit to Pennington (they now live in New Mexico) for his high school reunion, he wanted to stop by and see the old house. Norman Broemel…

  • Thug

  • Smile


    Smile for the camera!