Mr. Broemel visits his old house

Last Fall we had a visit from an old man and his daughter. The daughter told us that her father grew up in our house and while paying a visit to Pennington (they now live in New Mexico) for his high school reunion, he wanted to stop by and see the old house. Norman Broemel was the first person to live in our house right after it was built in the 20’s and if the name sounds familiar to Pennington residents, I would hazard a guess that Broemel Place was named after ol’ Norman and his brother who both went off to war in the 40’s. Norman served and earned a Purple Heart in Burma (and if you look closely, you can see that he lost an arm), his brother was shot down in Panama.Here’s a photo they took of Mr. Broemel with all of us on the stairs that his daughter sent to us just last month. It’s fun to live in a house with history.






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