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  • “I like this one”

    “I like this one”

    While shopping for plants, Julia found this one tucked in the back. It was kind of lonely & sad and didn’t have a price so they gave it to us for free. We don’t have a dog, we have an avocado plant. Other activities include Aikido lessons for Tyler and his weekly soccer game. We […]

  • Izumi’s Excellent Day

    Izumi just told me three stories that were just too funny not to share:The Afghans in the Locker Room We’ve been going to this gym on the other end of the island and Zoomer’s told me a few times about these two rather Rubenesque women in the sauna that always seem to be drying their […]

  • Thanksgivings


    This year we decided to stay close to home for the holidays. Partially out of necessity as we’re going to be shelling out big bucks for a kitchen remodeling in the next month or so and need to keep our costs down but also out of a need just to relax a little and catch […]

  • Scraphouse

    In the grand tradition of the DIY spirit and in celebration of World Environment Day, a group of designers, builders, and professional “obtainers” are building a house on the lawn in front of San Francisco city hall out of things they scrounged over the past six weeks. The house opened to the public today and […]

  • The Bed’s Too Big

    On Friday morning I packed up the wife & kids for a two month trip where the plan is to put Tyler & Julia into public school in Japan. The Japanese school year goes through to mid-July so the idea is that the kids can get some real immersion into Japanese culture and language while […]

  • Cousin Kennedy is in town!

    My cousin Scott is visiting for the day and wanted to know how easy it is to update the clankennedy blog. It’s pretty easy.

  • Projects around the house

    We didn’t get up to much this weekend (short trip out to Japantown for their Cherry Blossom festival, another trip out to Walnut Creek so the kids could pick out materials to construct their own stuffed animal) which meant that Izumi and I got into our own projects. I spent time fiddling with a new […]

  • My Grandfather Died Last Night

    My Japanese grandfather passed away last night. Oji-chan was of the generation that lived through the war and helped rebuild Japan. No matter how tough things got, this generation always managed to dig a little deeper and work a little harder. Employed by a concrete factory as an onsite mechanic, he was great with his […]

  • Isn’t She Beautiful?

    Isn’t She Beautiful?

  • Mr. & Mrs. Rudolph

    This photo will only mean something to a select few people in world. I am honored to carry on the tradition.

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