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  • Cherry Blossoms

    The rainstorm last night brought down many of the cherry blossoms from the tree that overhangs our driveway onto my car. As I drove off to work and sped down to work this morning I left behind a flurry of blossom petals in my wake. The car behind me must have thought I was heading […]

  • Shopping

    Flash, the name Tyler gave our trusty green Honda Odyssey served as our chariot for a shopping run to a huge outlet mall about 30 minutes away in Pennsylvania. We only go there a couple of times a year and I think we now have it down to a science. We head out as early […]

  • Living in New England

    Something about living in the Northeast, turns your blood thicker or something. Driving around it seemed so warm, I rolled the window down and enjoyed the fresh air. Turned the radio up, some fast picking Bluegrass, I could smell Spring in the air. The sun was setting, the sky looked glorious, then the DJ came […]

  • It’s still not over

    Just when I thought we were past this most recent storm. . . Wet snow will overspread the area from the southwest by late evening. It will mix with or start as rain at the onset in southeastern Pennsylvania and central New Jersey. The snow will become heavy at times, mainly between the hours of […]

  • Another Snow Day

    Just when you thought it was time for Spring. . .look what I woke up to this morning!

  • Mr. Broemel visits his old house

    Mr. Broemel visits his old house

    Last Fall we had a visit from an old man and his daughter. The daughter told us that her father grew up in our house and while paying a visit to Pennington (they now live in New Mexico) for his high school reunion, he wanted to stop by and see the old house. Norman Broemel […]

  • Spring in the Air?

    I went running outside for the first time this year!

  • Snow Day

    It snowed today. We went sledding.

  • Bunk Bed

    We built up a bunk bed for Tyler and Julia this weekend and have moved them into their own room. They’re ready for it and couldn’t wait to hit the sack tonight. Tyler’s up top and Julia is tucked in below.

  • Leaf Blowers

    The last of the leaf-blowers has been put away and the lawns are clear for the first winter snow. The annual blowing of the leaves is a tradition in the neighborhood that I only now begin to appreciate. The first year we were here, I thought that leaf blowers were for wimps. I scoffed at […]

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