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  • Stormy Monday

    It started when the cinnamon toast caught fire in the oven and had to be put out with a saucepan of cold water and ended when Tyler told me over dinner that two older kids passed him on the way to lunch and called him a "twerp"

  • Christmas Lights

    So we live on a street that’s also known as “Christmas Tree Lane” and while we’re not going to do anything with neon (at least this year) we have gotten our 60 amp cartridge fuses upgraded and made a modest investment in lights in an attempt to strike the right balance between over-the-top kitch and […]

  • Giant Robo

    I finally got the digital camera hooked up to the Mac and pulled out the photos that were sitting in storage. Here’s a photo of the giant robot that I constructed with my neighbors out of some of the empty moving boxes.

  • Mothballs!


    This photo is from a couple of weeks ago when we were still in the rental but it shows how we all feel these days – exhausted! It’s been a heroic few weeks as we unpacked boxes and slapped things into shape. Izumi did most of the work while the rest of us got distracted […]

  • Boxes and Bubble Wrap

    It’s been a whirlwind few days with the movers, unpacking, transferring license plates to California, getting a CA driver’s license, switching Tyler over to the local school, hooking up cable & internet, and meeting the new neighbors in between. We’re still digging ourselves out from boxes and bubble wrap so I haven’t had a chance […]

  • Paperwork

    We signed our loan papers for the new house today. The stack of forms we needed to sign was at least and inch thick! All sorts of forms including one we had to sign that was proof that our signature was our signature. (Lack of a signature means. . . I guess. . . it’s […]

  • Home at Last!

    Almost two months to the day of searching and we finally got the house of our dreams. We are now going to be residents of the Island of Alameda! We must have reviewed at least 50 houses and were in bidding wars on three of them. I was beginning to get blase about the whole […]

  • For Sale

    On Wednesday, the real estate agent’s “For Sale” sign went up on our home. I knew this would be traumatic for us all but I had no idea how much. Of course we had prepped the neighbors but seeing the sign out there, with it’s brash “Buy Me” red letters really drove a stake through […]

  • Drifting Away

    The roar of the hot air jet was all that warned us to look up and catch Mr. Blackwell drifting up into the late-afternoon sky. . .

  • Hassles

    Poor ol’ Cory at boingboing posts long and lengthy about the frustrations of getting a cell phone in the UK with “no credit.” Why can’t the credit agencies put their heads together to come up with a global rating system so that us trans-national workers can move freely about and immediately begin contributing to the […]

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