So we live on a street that’s also known as “Christmas Tree Lane” and while we’re not going to do anything with neon (at least this year) we have gotten our 60 amp cartridge fuses upgraded and made a modest investment in lights in an attempt to strike the right balance between over-the-top kitch and single-wreath-on-the-door austerity.

We know what we were getting into when we moved here (we were warned by our realtor and I think there was something on the disclosure statement) so we actually negotiated with the sellers to leave their lights. The red-faced Santa that you see on the roof is one of the leave-behinds and talking with the previous owner who was back for a visit, it’s known on the block as the “devil Santa” because of his red face. He was rescued out of a dumpster outside Tahoe and has been dragged out each Christmas since then. It’s hard to see in the photo but Dav and I secured it to the roof with a few well-placed nails through his feet (no Christ on the cross symbolism intended) and a leftover rake which, nailed into the peak of the roof, acts as a decent brace. Viewed from the street, ol’ St. Nick looks like he’s about to take a tumble but is still trying to stay jovial about the whole thing.

After plying Doug and Dave Yarrington with Dim Sum, they came by to help with the lights on the tree which, looking at it in the photo, looks like an alien hand. We also inherited that white plastic Christmas tree but I think that’s going to get pitched.

We’re pending on the final touch with is a large sheet of plywood upon which we were inspired (after watching Fahrenheit 9/11 last night) to write something to remind everyone that it’s not all that peaceful out there and that many families are going through the holidays without a loved one because of the war in Iraq. We floated the idea of painting:

“Santa can’t fly to war zones. Pray for Peace.”

but didn’t get much of a rise from anyone. The opportunity seems ripe to get a message across because we’ve heard that as many as 3000 cars drive by each night to take a look at the displays on our lane.

Anyone have any better ideas?